Jeju’s fine eatery Mushroom Bibimbap ‘Shin-bi-hyang’

In Jeju, as you all may know, there are many fine Korean cuisines.
I will frequently update traditional Jeju cusines in JTO blog.
Today’s post will be about a restaurant,
called ‘Shin-bi-hyang’ next to the Mysterious Road.
Their specialty is Mushroom Bibimbap with different side dishes and soup.
The bibimbap contains 5 to 6 assorted mushrooms, vegetables, and
 topped with fried egg, then you mix it with rice.
 Even though mushroom isn’t my favorite veggie, it was quite delicious!
All the side dishes are tasty and eventually crave for more!
You can also meet a cute little puppy! ^^
Those who visit Mysterious Road, stop by this restaurant!
Address: 293-20 Nohyeong-dong, Jeju Si, Jeju-Do
(5 minutes away from Mysterious Road)

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