Mysterious Road (Goblin Road)

An important note on Jeju’s updated bus system and this blog post

From August 2017, Jeju Island implemented a new city and intercity bus system. It increased the number of buses in service, while simplifying the routes, fees and numbering system.

Consequently, the contents of this previously published blog post may have changed. We therefore would kindly request that you consult this page for new bus maps in English on,  and this page on our blog for a chart of the old and new bus route numbers.

If you read Korean, then the province’s official bus system website is a useful and up-to-date resource. We hope you’ll enjoy your travels on Jeju Island!

While not a typical tourist attraction, one of the more famous spots in Jeju is Mysterious Road. Also known as Goblin Road, Mysterious Road is famous for the optical illusion that makes its appear to be sloping upwards, when in fact it runs downhill. Many visitors come after hearing reports of “possessed” cars, with their engines presumably turned off, somehow scaling an upward-slanting road.

Mysterious Road made its claim to fame in 1981, when a honeymooning couple witnessed a car in neutral begin to crawl up the hill on which it had been idling. Over the years, the site has attracted a large number of foreign and domestic tourists.
The strip of road pictured below looks to be extending upward, but in fact has a downward slope of 3 degrees. Although the road only stretches for about 100 meters, it is clearly marked off by a signpost at the start. Motorists can often be seen turning on their emergency lights and slowing to a stop in order to see for themselves the mystery behind Mysterious Road.
           Car/Taxi: 7.5 km from airport, 16 mins
Bus: At the airport, take Bus 37 to Jeju Halla Hospital.
        From there, take Bus 1100 to Chooksan Danji.
Address: Nohyeong-dong 289-15, Jeju-do

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