Jeju Tourism Organization President Cup

Of the diverse tourists Jeju attracts with an array of cultural and recreational activities each year, many come to enjoy its widely acclaimed golf courses.

One of the highlights of the island’s golf culture is the Jeju Tourism Organization President Cup,

which this year was held on July 1 through July 20.

Golf made an early appearance on Jeju in 1966 with the opening of Jeju Country Club, and in 1979, with the opening of Ora Country Club, golf courses began to proliferate on Jeju in response to the sport’s increasing popularity. The Jeju legislature even introduced the Special Act on Establishment of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and International Free City, which in part ensured taxes under the National Sports Promotion Act would be reduced or exempted for admission to a golf course within Jeju.

Taking June’s numbers as the monthly average, in 2012 alone, 650,000 played at least a round of golf on a course in Jeju, and of that 410,000 were from outside the province. Currently, there are 29 golf courses in operation, a surprisingly large number considering the island’s size.


▲ Group Picture

Several golf courses participated in this year’s President Cup: Raon, Lotte Skyhill, Booyoung, Cypress, Ecoland, Elysian, Ora, Jungmun, Tameus, Teddy Valley, Castlex, and Pinx.

The tournament was designed with foreign visitors in mind, as part of an effort to raise Jeju’s profile in the international golf community.

Recognition was given to the top three finishers, participants who scored a hole-in-one, and the golfers who hit the longest and who put the ball nearest to a hole. Prizes for the outstanding golfers were prepared with the assistance of the participating golf courses.

Games and activities made the awards ceremony all the livelier, and while the tournament this year took place during a monsoon, the golfers were undeterred by the rough weather conditions, playing with enthusiasm to the very end.


▲ In conversation about a hole


▲ A group photo of Chinese tourists


▲ Heading out to the course


▲ Japanese golfers


▲ Very satisfied tourists


▲ A short game of putting before the awards ceremony


▲ The awards ceremony


▲ Jeju Tourism Organization’s president, Yang Young Geun


▲ Presentaiton of awards


▲ The award for longest shot


▲ Group Picture

Now in its second year, the President Cup drew more participants this year than the previous, and in the future will continue toward becoming one of Jeju’s premier golf tournaments.

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