[Jeju Art Museum] Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art

Located in West Jeju is the Artist Village of Jeoji. Selected in 1999 and established in 2001 as a regional economic proliferation and specialty development project, Artist Village of Jeoji comprises of areas allotted to artists in 15 different genres of art, including Western painting, sculpture, and calligraphy. At the center of this is the Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art that opened in 2007, which is frequented by those who love the arts.


The entrance to the museum is lined with a wooden and earthen trail that adds homeliness. Additionally, there is a rather modern piece of art to greet the visitors.


En route to the Museum of Contemporary Art is a map of the Jeoji Artist Village,

 presumably for the many artists that stop by on the way to village.












The large anthropomorphic figure placed to greet the visitors is rather impressive.

 Unlike the Jeju Museum of Art, this establishment possesses an eclectic charm.






The museum exhibits pieces regularly. 

Only selected exhibits allow photography, so be sure to be attentive.




The museum is divided into two stories and an outdoor exhibit, 

and there is a collection of posters of past exhibitions.


With the outdoor exhibits are souvenir shops and cafes that accommodate 

conversations and respite. Of course, the refreshments are not free,

 but they are rather inexpensive.


Helpful employees are stationed at the entrance to provide explanations. 

Also, there are brochures in a variety of languages.

Because the Museum of Contemporary Art is run by the City of Jeju, the entrance fee is very inexpensive: only ₩1,000 for adults. The museum comprises of a main building and an annex 100m away. On the outskirts of the Museum of Contemporary Art is a walkway that is perfect for a relaxing stroll.



By Bus: Board Bus 37   –Disembark at Five Day Market Terminal  –Transfer to Seoilju (toward Hanlim)  –Disembark at Hanlim station  –Transfer to Eupmyun (Hanlim-Gosan)   –Disembark at Seongjeon station  –Walk 832 m

By Taxi or Automobile: Approximately 33.7 km, 56 mins

Address: 2114-63 Jeoji-ri, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju, Jeju-do, South Korea

Phone: +82-64-710-7801

Website http://www.jejumusuem.go.kr/ (Korean)



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