[Jeju’s Nature] Hill of the Wind, Suweolbong

Hill of the wind, Suweolbong

 Because the Hanla Mountain stands erect in the center of the Jeju Island, the weather varies from north to south and east to west. And in the southwest corner of the island is a town called Gosan where it is very windy. Today I visited the Suweolbong in Gosan.

Suweolbong is also called the “nokkomul,” which is a small hill near the coast that resembles a volcanic mountain.

The scenic view of the coast, Chagwi Island, and the sunset are just a few of the reasons why this hill is frequented by locals and tourists alike. Especially, the sunset is known to be the most picturesque in Jeju.

▲ On my way to Suweolbong

▲ The Suweolbong Parking Lot

▲ An Information poster for the Geological Park’s trekking course.

 Starting last year, the Geological Park paved a trekking course around the island with Suweolbong as the starting location. The geological features of nearby terrain are rather famous. In the following post, I’ll be sure to include further information regarding this.


 ▲ Shop at Suweolbong


▲ QR code for information on Suweolbong

 ▲ 12 courses of Ollae


▲ Marker for the Ollae course

▲ Suweolbong Apex – Suweol Pavilion

▲ Telescope

▲ View of Chagwi Island

▲ Gosan Weather Station

Location: Gosan Hangyeong-myun, Jeju (near the coastal freeway)




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