[Jeju Eateries] Are you looking for a restaurant in Gu Jeju? Go to Uncle Tomato~

Uncle Tomato’s Spaghetti and Steak Restaurant

Uncle Tomato is a franchise, so it has two locations in Jeju (Gu Jeju and Shin Jeju).

  I visited Uncle Tomato in Gu Jeju. It’s located near Hanmaeum Hospital, so once you locate the hospital, it could be easily spotted.
The red rooftop makes the restaurant very noticeable.
This is the entrance to the restaurant.  
Artworks upon entrance.
 Interior of the restaurant is nice and simple. One unique thing about this restaurant is that their dining tables are the Korean floor tables, so customers are seated on the floor and not on chairs.

Overall, prices are good and there are various set menus, so perfect for group gatherings.                      We ordered Set B for party of two. It has Bulgogi Salad, Carbonara, and Seafood risotto in pot, 2 soft drinks, and coffee for dessert.

Bulgogi Salad- This was the my favorite dish!

Carbonara- It wasn’t too bad.

Seafood Risotto in pot-                                                                                                                                This dish was a bit unique due to the pot, however the taste wasn’t as expected.

 Uncle Tomato gives large portion, so by the time you finish, you are extremely full and so worth your money! Indeed a pleasant place for all ages. Since there are many apartment complexes in Gu Jeju, there aren’t many restaurants to dine, which is why we get to appreciate Uncle Tomato all the more! It’s definitely a place for casual dining with family and friends.    


Websitehttp://www.uncletomato.co.kr/ (Korean)

 Address: Jeju City, Ido 2-dong, 1950-1 (Hanmaeum Hospital)
 Hour: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

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