[Jeju Eateries] JTO SNS Supporters 2nd Exploration – Andamiro Korean Chicken

Jeju’s restaurant Andamiro specializing in Korean chicken 

After visiting Eco Land, JTO Online Supporters 2nd exploration continued at Andamiro, a Korean restaurant specializing in Korean Chicken. It is near Eco Land (head south from Eco Land and stop near the intersection). There are several restaurants near this junction, so that visitors can have scrumptious meals after their trip to Eco Land. 


 Andamiro means  ‘full bowl’ and it’s not a word from Jeju, rather it’s from the Korean dialect. Like the meaning of the restaurant, we were full to the fullest after we finished our food. 



Andamiro serves Korean chicken and Duck meat. We decided to try the Korean chicken course. Large will be a perfect portion for a party of 4.



The course contains 3 dishes: chicken shabu shabu, mung-bean gruel, and boiled chicken.



Noodle for shabu shabu.


▲ Shabu shabu 


▲ Boiled chicken

Korean chicken is different compare to other chickens that you usually eat. The meat is very tender and the taste is unique. The restaurant actually raises its own chickens, so brings the best quality Korean chicken to the table.     


▲ Mung-bean gruel 

 Last course was the Mung-bean gruel with chicken soup. All of our SNS were full and delighted by the food. We will give you a post about our next destination to Stone Park Gyorae Natural Recreation Park.

 Address: Jeju-si Jo-chun-eup Gyo-reri 489 

Phone number: +82-64-783-0668


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