[Jeju’s Theme Park] JTO’s SNS Supporters 2nd Exploration- Eco Land

On September 26, JTO and the online supporters went on a 2nd exploration. Since it was the weekend many were able to attend. We took a trip to Eco Land located in Gotjawal primeval forest, where you can completely experience the ecosystem that surrounds the theme park.  Eco Land’s main motive was to have visitors ride a Baldwin train and tour the Gotjawal forest, plants, insects, and animals. Thanks to the train ride, the trip wasn’t exhausting at all. 

 ▲  SNS Online Supporters Group Picture

▲  Boarding the train 

Upon entrance, there was a train waiting for us. There is a train every 15-20 minutes, so it isn’t a long wait. As you can see above, you can sit across from each other and the train moves slowly, therefore boarding with children would be safe.

 Being able to ride a train in Jeju was quite a new experience. The train was longer than expected; so many tourists were able to board. 

▲  Eco Lake 

The first stop was the lake. There was a bridge along the lake which led tourists to walk along the course. It was a perfect setting to take pictures. Many ads were filmed here.

 When you visit, make sure to take a jacket, the weather was quite chilly.

 Resting Area

 There were frequent resting areas, so families and friends could sit and chat as they enjoy nature.



 Along the course, you will see a windmill. 

Heading to the second stop.

 On top of the observatory, the view was splendid~

 Waving good-bye~ 

 At the third stop, children can play at the Kid’s Town, have a picnic at the garden, or take pictures at the photo zones.

There are two roads in Eco Land. The long distance takes an hour and the short distance takes about 10 minutes. We took both courses and recommend the longer course. 



 Floating Café  

When you take the longer course you will see a Floating Café. A cup of coffee is 1,000 won and it is self-serve.

 ▲ Coffee

▲ Bare Foot on Scoria

 ▲ Eco Therapy 

 ▲ Natural bedrock water

At the last stop, you will see pandas greeting you. Eco Land is a place where your children would love to stay, like the baby panda. All ages can enjoy the natural environment at Eco Land. Be sure to visit with your family or friends!

Wesite: http://www.ecolandjeju.co.kr (Korean)

AddressJeju-si Jocheon-eup Daehol-ri 1221-1

Phone: 82-64-802-8000

Admission Fees: Adults (ages over 19): 11,000 won

Operating Hours: 08:30~19:00 (Winter season: 09:00~17:30)

JTO Website: http://www.jejutour.go.kr/ http://www.ijto.or.kr/

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