[Jeju’s Nature] JTO SNS Supporters 2nd Exploration- Stone Park Gyorae Natural Recreation Park

 Jeju Stone Park and Gyorae Natural Recreational Forest managed to combine these two natural parks into one. Thus these two places also operate the same homepage as well. Gyorae Natural Recreational Forest was opened in 2011 and it’s located in Neupsuri Oreum and Keunjigeuri Oreum of Gotjawal. Thus people could freely explore Gotjawal. There are four main sections: recreational site, camping site, ecology experiencing site, and Sam-rim path site. The ecology observe path is about 3 km and a foreign language commentary is provided. Furthermore, Sam-rim path is also called Oreum trail path and it takes about 3 hours round-trip. Our supporters mainly explored the ecological experiencing site on that day.


▲ Entrance to the  Stone Park Gyorae Natural Recreation Park

The parking lot is quite far from the entrance, so make sure to dress comfortably from the start.  


 Heading towards the entrance


There are different trails you can take. These signs will direct you to the specific trail. 


 ▲ Ecology trail

We took the ecology trail with our supporters. It takes about an hour round-trip, so quite a decent walk.  


 ▲  Bracken

There were various plant species and rocks, which made the walk all the more interesting.




▲Forked Road


 The ecology observation trail has several outdoor classrooms, where visitors can learn about Gotjawal and its surrounding environments. 


▲ Ecology trail

 Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes! The trails aren’t dangerous at all, so you don’t need to worry.  

SNS supporters have accomplished their exploration at the Ecology observe path. The price isn’t expensive at all, so it would be a great place to exercise with friends and family.

 Website: http://www.jejustoneparkforest.com/ (Korean, English)

 Address: Jeju-si Jocheon-eup Gyorae-ri San 119

 Phone: +82-64-783-7482

JTO Website:  http://www.jejutour.go.kr/ http://www.ijto.or.kr/

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