[Jeju’s Food] Filling Guksu, Gyore Hand-drawn Guksu

Gyore Handmade Kalguksu[1] is one of the famous collective restaurants in Gyore-ri. Initially a small venue, because of the abundance of customers, it is in the process of its second expansion.
▲ Handmade Kalguksu.
▲ Menu
The main attractions are the chicken kalguksu and Manila clam kalguksu, but kong guksu[2] is also available in the summer. Gyore-ri is known for its Korean chicken dishes, and so the menu reads “Korean-chicken kalguksu.”
Because the noodles are handmade, the minimum wait time is 20 mins. It took a while for the chicken kalguksu and clam kalguksu to come out. Koreans are usually displeased when the food comes out late, but no one seemed to complain.
▲ Manila clam kalguksu
Here is the generously portioned clam kalguksu. The actual portions are even larger than it appears in the picture, enough even to fill a heavyset man.
▲ Side dishes
Only kimchee and kkakdugi[3] are served as side dishes, but they were both very good.
▲ Korean-chicken kalguksu
The noodles are the same for both kalguksu, and like the clam kalguksu, the chicken kalguksu was also very generously portioned.
▲ Interior of the restaurant
This is the initial seating area of the restaurant. As you can see, it is rather small.
▲ Interior of the restaurant
The restaurant expanded with the kitchen in between the original and new seating areas. Tourists constantly fill up the seats of this famous guksu house. If you happen upon Gyore-ri, be sure to pay this place a visit.
Address: 491 Gyore-ri Jocheon-eup, Jeju, Jeju-do, South Korea
Phone: 82-64-782-9870
Jeju Tourism Organization Website: http://www.jejutour.go.krhttp://www.ijto.or.kr/

[1] Kalguksu: is a type of noodle that is usually thicker than the traditional Korean noodle.
[2] Kong guksu: lit. bean noodle. A cold noodle dish served in chilled, pureed bean.
[3] Kkakdugi: Coarsely diced radish fermented spices similar to that of kimchee.

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