[Food of Jeju] Seogwi-po, Jeju’s Famous Chinese Restaurant, “Deokseongwon”

Jeju’s Famous Chinese Restaurant, “Deokseongwon”

     ▲ Deokseongwon Main Branch

This restaurant is located in Jeongbang-dong of Seogwipo. For three generations this restaurant has been serving authentic Chinese cuisine since 1945. Because there is another branch in the Jungmun Tourism Complex, even amongst locals, it is quite famous.
▲ Interior of the Restaurant
For over 50 years, this restaurant has seen a steady stream of customers.

The typical dishes ordered by Koreans at a Chinese restaurant are jjajangmyeon[2], jjambbong[3], and tangsuyuk. Although the original dishes are from China, they have been modified to better fit Korean people’s appetite.
▲ Jengban Jjajangmyeon[4]
▲ Crab Jjambbong
Crab jjambbong is one the most popular dishes at Deokseongwon.
The delicate combination of fresh crab and the spicy broth is exquisite.
 The large crab shell seems to be the main reason why so many people come here.
Hours: 11am – 9 pm
Address: 474 Jeongbang-dong Seogwipo, Jeju, Jeju-do, South Korea
Phone: 82-64-762-2402

[1] Tangsuyuk: Breaded and deep fried pork in a sweet and sour sauce.
[2] Jjajangmyeon: a noodle dish with fried black bean sauce with pork and vegetables.
[3] Jjambbong: a noodle soup with spicy broth and seafood.
[4] Jengban Jjajangmyun: similar to jjajangmyeon, but fried a second time with seafood.


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