[Jeju Eateries] Barley rice and Yukgejang[1] Specialty House, “Manna and Quail”

Located near the Artists’ Village in the northwestern region of Jeju is a barley rice and yukgejang specialty restaurant. Those who visit the Artists’ Village or the Banglimwon frequent this place. Even the sign is unique.

The name of the place is derived from the exodus of Israelites in the Bible. God provided the Israelites with manna and quail throughout the desert journey.


▲ Front of the restaurant


▲ Menu


There are only two items on the menu: barley rice and yukgejang

▲ Interior of the restaurant


The interior is designed to feel like a cozy home. It was nice for a comfortable meal.

▲ Barley rice


The barley rice is served as a bibimbab[2]

▲ Barley rice and wild vegetables

▲ Yukgejang


The yukgejang isn’t too spicy and maintains a refreshing heat. The portion is also pretty good.

▲ Barley rice


I recommend those who are crossing through Jeoji-ri to stop by.



Barley rice: ₩6,000 Yukgejang: ₩6,000


Address: 1519-6 Jeoji-ri Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju, Jeju-do, South Korea

Phone: 82-64-772-3255

Jeju Tourism Website: http://www.jejutour.go.kr/ http://www.ijto.or.kr/

[1] Yukgejang: a spicy Korean stew with beef, bracken, bean sprouts, and other vegetables.

[2] Bibimbab: (lit. mixed rice) A Korean dish with varying rice and meat mixed with wild vegetables.

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