[Jeju Eateries] Enjoying seafood clay pot by Jeju’s sea – Eeyaghi Restaurant

When you go to Sagyeri, there is a cozy restaurant by Jeju’s sea. The restaurant is pretty much unnoticeable so don’t miss it!This restaurant specializes in Korean seafood clay pot, like abalone clay pot, abalone porridge, Obunjagi clay pot, and simmered cutlass fish.

Thus, I decided to order Obunjagi clay pot.


▲ Foreground of the restaurant

The restaurant is located next to the sea, so you can enjoy the view as you are eating.


▲ Outer landscapes

▲    Menu

Only 4 main dishes!

▲ Table settings

▲Side dish

There are 4-5 side dishes and indeed taste great~


▲ Obunjagi ttukbaegi

It definitely had an amazing taste and lots of seafood as well!



Make sure to pay a visit when you go to Sagyeri, it will be worth your time and money! 

Address: Jeju Seogwipo Andeokyeon Sagyeri 2075

 JTO Homepage: http://www.jejutour.go.kr/    http://www.ijto.or.kr/


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