There is a HUGE hamburger in Jeju? Meet Hwanggeumryung’s Big Burger

 How big would the hamburger be anyway?

 Are you curious? If you are, come and visit Hwanggeumryung’s Big Burger and you can enjoy this unique burger! Hwanggeumryung’s Big Burger is well known among people, there are several places to try this burger, so visit the closest one.

This Hwanggeuryung is in Daejeong, the first original burger shop in Jeju. I visited the shop after lunch break, but there were many customers waiting to be seated. I was impressed how busy the burger shop was.

There is a rocking chair as customers wait to be called,
he children love to rock on this chair. 

Upon entrance there is an herb shop for customers to tour as they wait.

Here is the menu for Hwanggeumryung’s Big Burger

Hwanggeumryung Burger 17,000 won (8 pieces),

Couple Burger 11,000 won (4 pieces + salad)

You can also add potato fries, salad, and drinks to your order.

Here is the menu for customers to look at.

Everything here is self-serve, so you can grab a tray,utensils, side dish, water cups, and etc. as you wait for your huge burger!

 Entrance to the second floor.

I went to the second floor and found that it was an outdoor terrace. It would really be a nice place to eat during the summer.

Finally, the moment to try my hamburger with organic potato fries. You probably can’t picture how big the burger is, but it’s maybe the size of a medium pizza. 

The burger was already sliced, so it was easy to eat. There were various contents inside the hamburger like cabbage, apples, cucumbers, meat patty, lettuce, pickles, onions, and etc. This burger is great for kids who hate vegetables!

This is the organic potato fries with melted cheese.

 It was definitely de~licious!

After eating, I went out and notice that there were tangerines being sold in the open field. During the fall, Jeju is filled with sweet tangerines!  I definitely had a wonderful day after eating a huge scrumptious hamburger and tangerines! 

Adress: Jeju, Jeju Hangyeongmyeon Josuri 4087 Bungee

Phone: +82-64-773-0097

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