[Jeju’s Nature] Mt. Songak – Where the sea, wind, and nature are breathing

At the southernmost point of Jeju, southwest of Moseulpo,

there is mountain called Songak.

It’s about 100 meters above sea level,

so as long as you have good hiking boots or sneakers,

you will be set for a decent climb.

Mt. Songak is known for its beautiful scenery and landscapes,

so people visit often to take photos.

There was a famous Korean drama called ‘Dae Jang Geum’

and it was actually filmed in Mt. Songak.

Many tourist visit because of the drama, however I will only talk about Mt. Songak.

▲ Walking along Mt. Songak

 ▲ Information about Mt. Songak

North of Mt. Songak, you can see Mt. Sanbang, it has the best panoramic scenery.

▲ Wildflowers

When you walk along Mt. Songak you will see many wildflowers.


▲ Mt. Songak and Hyeongje Island

 ▲ Cave made by the Japanese soldiers

▲ Information about Mt. Songak Crater

Mt. Songak has a crater in the middle just like Oreum?

▲Heading to the top

▲ Submarine

▲Way down

 ▲ Signs for Olle Courses

Many visitors visit Mt. Songak because of the Olle Courses along the coast.

 A horse grazing a pasture.

Mt. Songak is one of the best places to take pictures,

but also seems to be a great place to exercise.

The wind is a bit strong so dress warmly~

 Address: Seogwipo Daejeong-Eup Sangmori

JTO Homepage: http://www.jejutour.go.kr/ http://www.ijto.or.kr/

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