Sanbang Restaurant specializing in Cold Wheat Noodles

In Jeju, the two most popular noodles are meat noodles and cold wheat noodles.

It is very similar to the cold noodles (Naegmyun), which is known to be a summer food. Today I would like to talk about a restaurant in Moseulpo, southwest of Jeju, known as Sanbang Restaurant.

The restaurant named its place after Mt. Sangbang in Moseulpo.

 The taste is excellent and inexpensive, thus always full of new and regular customers.

It’s a very cozy restaurant.

 Cold Wheat Noodles \5,000 (Large \6,000), same price for Spicy Cold Noodles and there is also boiled beef (Suyuk) if you prefer.

Very busy even when we visited.

Here is my first shot of the Cold Wheat Noodles,

even looking at the picture now makes me hungry!

The restaurant in Meseulpo is the main store,

and recently opened a branch near Jeju Airport, so those who visit Jeju,

please visit the restaurant near you!

 Address: Jeju Seogwipo Daejeong-eup Hamori 864-3

Phone: +82-64-794-2165

 JTO Homepage:

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