‘Tongnang Restaurant’ Duck Teppanyaki- JTO Online SNS Supporters

After our JTO Supporters visited The Ma Park, we headed for lunch to Seogwipo. 

We decided to try duck teppanyaki at Tongnang Restaurant.

▲ Entrance

Upon entering there is a dining room, kitchen, and hall. The dining room isn’t that spacious.


The main menu is duck meat, so we decided to order duck teppanyaki.

▲duck teppanyaki

First we cook the duck meat then add assorted vegetables.

▲Side dishes


▲ Duck meat

▲ Added the vegetables

▲ Completed duck teppenyaki

After we add the vegetables to the duck meat, it becomes a huge amount!


▲ Lastly, fried rice

After the duck teppenyaki, they add rice and sauce to make fried rice. 

It was absolutely delicious!

The restaurant is located to the right of Seogwipo World Cup Stadium, 

top so it is easy to spot it. Those who crave duck meat, be sure to drop by!

Address: Jeju Seogwipo Suhodong 1469-1

Phone: +82-64-739-4520

JTO Homepage: http://www.jejutour.go.kr/      http://www.ijto.or.kr/


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