Mongol Horsemen performing at ‘The Ma Park’- JTO Online SNS Supporters

There are many famous symbols in Jeju, but one of the most essential symbol is the horse. History states that one of the reasons why Mongolians invaded Jeju was because of its great environment. It was a grazing pasture for the empire’s horses, which is why even till this day, horses are seen everywhere and also horseback rides for tourists.

This time our JTO Online SNS Supporters visited the ‘The Ma Park.’ It is a place to experience equestrian, but also have equestrian performances for the entertainment of tourists.

This equestrian performance is extra special because the performers came from Mongolia. They are masters in equestrian!

The show, entitled The Black Flag of Genghis Khan, the plot follows the rise of Genghis Khan as a leader and uniting all the Mongol tribes. The story is told through equestrian performances.

So if the weather is bad, the performances would be cancelled.

▲ Spectators

 There were blankets due to the cold weather. There were also electric cushion on every chair, so we weren’t cold at all.

▲Beginning of the performance

As the show began, the two small girls performed acrobatics.

▲Jousting performances

The show is narrated entirely in Korean, but that doesn’t hurt the foreigners because of the action-oriented nature of the show.

 The show features many professional male and female riders, all providing an amazing display of equestrian mastery.

▲ Many visitors despite the cold weather

▲ End of the performance

After the concert, all the riders line in unison and greet the spectators.

▲ Genghis Khan

After the show, “Genghis Khan” appears at the photo zone for the visitors.

▲  JTO Online Supporters

In addition to horseback riding, The Ma Park also show an outstanding performance, so it is definitely a place to visit friends and family.

Hours: 9:00 ~ 18:00

Show Time: 3 shows per day (About an hour show)

Admission: 15,000원

Phone: +82-64-795-8080

Address : Jeju San 8, Wollim-ri, Hanrip-eup

Homepage: (Korean)

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