Cheonjiyeon Falls – Famous Waterfall in Seogwipo

Known in Jeju are the three great waterfalls: Cheonjiyeon Falls, Jeongbang Falls, and the Cheonjeyeon Falls. Today we’ll visit the Cheonjiyeon Falls. The Cheonjiyeon Falls is known as the location where Jeju’s largest festival, the Seogwipo Shipri Festival, is held.                  It is also known as the habitat of the natural monument, mootae eel. Because of the abundance of tourist sites including the Seogwipo Harbor, and the refreshing stream of water dropping hundreds of feet, this place sees thousands of visitors especially in the summer.

  Beside the waterfall is the beautiful trail leading to it. Also, the admissions price is very low because it is operated directly by Jeju.

▲ Cheonjiyeon Falls ticketing booth

 ▲ Admissions Cost 

 The cost is ₩2,000 per person. As of late,there is a surge of domestic and foreign visitors, especially those from China.


▲ Foreign tourists studying the map of Jeju


▲Flock of duck 

Near the path that leads to the Cheonjiyeon Falls is a small stream of water with duck and heron swimming in it. Photo enthusiasts like to observe and photography these birds.


▲ Entrance to the Cheonjiyeon


▲ Souvenir Shop


▲ Wild Flower 

On the trail are wild flowers and a small bridge. The scenery is beautiful and perfect for a stroll or even photographing. 

It takes around 10 minutes from the entrance to the waterfall. The entrance and exits are on separate paths to prevent over crowding.


▲Course Information board

▲ Cheonjiyeon nearby scenery 

 As you near the waterfall, a thick forest comes to view with the Cheonjiyeon Falls located on the interior. Many people are busy taking photos of the place, while others are deep in meditation. On a clear day, the waterfall presents an awesome sight. 

 ▲ Tourists

▲Cheonjiyeon Falls  

The stream leading to the Cheonjiyeon Falls is about 1 km and the waterfall itself is about 22 m. The depth of the pool is around 20 m.

 ▲ Stream

 Near the Cheonjiyeon Falls are many smaller waterfalls and a small bridge. There’s also a small stage for performances to help bring this site to a true tourist attraction. 

 ▲Outdoor Stage 


▲ Stepping Stone Bridge

▲Cheonjiyeon Falls

 Be sure to pay this place a visit if you are interested in waterfalls in Jeju.

 Address: 667-7 Cheonji-dong Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea

Phone: 064-733-1528

Admissions: ₩2,000

Hours: until 10 pm

Jeju Tourism Organization Website:

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