Sanbada ATV- Tourism Inspection for Jeju Online SNS Supporters

Following an inspection of The Ma Park, we headed southwest to have an ATV experience. The all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is a four-wheel drive motor bike. The four-wheel drive allows the vehicle to easily and speedily traverse even the roughest of terrain. 

In Korea, this vehicle is classified as an agricultural transport, and is prohibited from the streets. As a result, ATV providers in Jeju also manage courses where the ATV could be driven through. 

   It was my first experience. There’s a lot of clubs, indicating the popularity of this sport.Visitors are provided with helmets, protective jackets, gloves, and masks, and are directed to a miniature lesson course. 

▲ Gearing up 

▲ Online Supporters listening to safety instructions 

▲ Learning the basics


 Although ATV’s aren’t difficult to handle, first-timers are recommended to familiarize themselves with the vehicle before heading out.


 A Supporter in practice 

The instructors will kindly help from starting the ignition to riding like a pro.  


 At Sanbada ATV, riders can enjoy the mountain and ocean simultaneously. For each terrain type are different courses ranging from novice to advanced difficulty. Also, there is a seaside course perfect for an exhilarating breather.


The first few moments was fraught with mistakes, but soon after, everyone seemed to enjoy ATVs immensely.


 There are a few intense but thrilling courses. Of course, the ATV had no problem crossing this terrain. Although it was my first experience, it was breathtaking moment worth repeating. 


▲ Last of the Supporters 


 Group photo in front of the ATV course

Sanbada ATV, as the name suggests, offers the best of mountain and ocean scenery. For those seeking the thrill of ATVs, try Sanbada ATV.

Address: 86 Sagye-ri Andeok-myun Seogwi-po, Jeju-do South Korea

Phone: +82-64-794-0117

Jeju Tourism Organization Website:  

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