Tokyo Udon – A taste of authentic Japanese Udon

In the center of downtown Seogwipo in an udon house called Tokyo Udon. Included in the name is the shabu-shabu. It is operated by a Japanese immigrant, so the interior very closely resembles the true Japanese restaurant.The size is rather small. There is a blue curtain hung on the entrance. 

 Every Thursday is an off-day and to indicate it, a yellow curtain is hung. We decided to try the udon and sushi. The taste was great, and the portions were enough even for a grown man.

 Of course, the price was very affordable as well, at ₩5,000 per bowl.


▲ View of the Restaurant 


▲ The menu 


 ▲The menu board 


 ▲ Drama film crew 


▲ Pork Udon

 Here is the basic menu of pork udon. The broth packed a bit of heat, perfect for chilly days.

The fried tofu sushi set costs ₩1,000 for two pieces. We anticipated the portions to be small, and ended up ordering 3 sets. We recommend one set of sushi per udon.


▲ Fried tofu Sushi


 Like an authentic Japanese meal, it’s simple and clean. If I happen to pass through Seogwipo, I will remember to pay this place another visit. 


If you craze a bowl of warm Japanese udon, give this place a try.

Address: 301-19 Seogwi-dong Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea 

Phone: 064-733-6905

Jeju Tourism Organization Website

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