African Art Museum – Africa seen from Jeju

For this posting, we visited the African Art Museum located in the southern region of Jeju. It sounds rather unusual to imagine African Art in Jeju. Because the idea of Africa is still rather unusual for Koreans, it seems to be a good idea for as a tourist attraction.

The African Art museum first opened in 2004. The museum houses arts from the 18th to 20th century. To help attract children the museum also has animal doll themed displays as well. The museum’s first floor is for children, while the second floor is for the usual and special exhibits. As of now, the third floor is hosting Jung-man Kim’s photographs on African wildlife.

Also, near the souvenir shop on the first floor is the experience class, where visitors can experience the African culture. Through learning how to make various African figurines and statues, you can learn more about the African Art.


▲ African Art Museum Entrance

▲ Exterior


▲ First floor exhibit

On the first and basement floor of the museum is the children’s museum.                         Even for a while, be lost in the fantasy world.


▲ Stuffed Loin


▲ Safari Exhibit 


▲ Sahara Desert Sign 



 ▲ A scene from the movie Lion King 

Continuing on to the second floor, there are masks, clothing, spears, paintings, and more cultural displays. 

▲ African Clothing 


▲ Spears   


 ▲ Masks






On the third floor is Mr. Jung-man Kim’s exhibition on wildlife in Africa. It was an interesting experience to be able to see such live pictures of the animals in Africa. 


▲ Photo Exhibition Hall 


▲ Lion


▲ Elephant 



▲ Children’s learning room 

Other than the exhibitions are the classes for children to learn and experience the African Culture. The different subjects include making figures, studying African culture, face-painting, listening to cultural music, watching videos, and themed tours. 


▲ Souvenir shop 


 ▲ Children visitors

 At the museum, there are about three cultural performances per day,                                   so be sure to plan your visit.

Admission: 8,000

Hours: 9:00 – 7:00

Address: 1833 Depo-dong Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea

Phone: 064-738-6565 

Jeju Tourism Organization Website :

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