[Jeju Nature] “I love only you” – Finding the camellia flowers at Camellia Hill


For this blog post we’re visiting Camellia Hill in Seogwipo.

Since Nov. 2008 Camellia Hill has delighted visitors with some 600 kinds of camellia from all over the world across an area of 600,000 pyeong.

As there are camellias from all over the world each season offers a different camellia in bloom.

However, the red flowers usually bloom amongst the cold wind and white snow of winter. It’s so beautiful to see the red on the branches in the snow and reminds us of the preciousness of life. The queen of the winter flowers blooms with severe weather.

Every flower has its own unique signature meaning. “I love only you,” is the signature meaning for the camellia flower. That’s why it is considered a symbol of loyalty among lovers.

Memories of singer Lee Mi-ja and her song Miss Camellia may also evoke strong feelings when you see this flower.


Yet there are more practical uses for the camellia.

In times gone by the seeds were used as hair oil and for lamp lighting. The petals were used for tea, herbal medicine, and to treat various skin complaints.

More recently the camellia has made its way into beauty products promoted by none other than Yoon-ah from Girl’s Generation. In fact at Camellia Hill you can go to the location where a commercial was filmed.

As mentioned the camellia usually blooms during the winter. Yet flowers rely on insects like butterflies and bees to move pollen about which are not present at that time of year. So how does a camellia do this? Thanks to the Japanese White-eye bird this problem is solved.

At Camellia Hill there are other gardens to investigate including one with a 100-year-old tree in a lovely flat grassed area.


Galleries also show exhibitions and there’s even a coffee shop and pension for longer stays.

On a clear day it’s possible to see the Brother’s Island from a viewing platform.

Perhaps until the middle of this month you can see the red flowers at Camellia Hill. However, there are other flowers to see all year round and the beautiful sound of birdsong continues to fill the air with any visit.

Rest and enjoy the flowers and scent of Camellia Hill.


Address: 166, Byeongang-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Telephone Number: 064-792-0088

Admission Price: Adults 7,000 won | Youth 4,000 won

Opening Hours: Summer season: 08:30-19:00  | Winter season: 08:30-18:00






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