[Jeju Food] Is horse meat delicious?

Red, raw and ready to eat
Red, raw, and ready to eat.

So is horse meat delicious?

 I’ll tell you the conclusion now. It is more delicious than beef or pork.

From head to tail there is nothing to waste. Beef and pork have a good taste and lots of protein, but the cholesterol builds up in your body. With horse meat you do not have to worry about lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, neuralgia, or diabetes. Horse meat has three times more unsaturated fatty acid than beef or pork.

Japan is in fact the country that eats the most amount and they say the meat is red like cherry blossom.

Here on Jeju Island we have a different proverb which goes “horse meat can be a meal, but beef cannot.” Well if you want to find a horse restaurant to confirm this proverb many have ‘garden’ or ‘won’ in their name. Knowing this will point you in the right direction.

We recently received a recommendation for a horse restaurant.

The signboard outside actually indicated the place was for noodles. Don’t let that put you off though. It changed about two years ago.

Don't be confused by the sign for noodle soup
Don’t be confused by the sign for noodle soup.

Now the menu includes raw horse meat, horse ribs, and horse meat stew.

The small location was already full of customers upon arrival. There are only eight tables, however, the owners do try to accommodate a ninth on a very small table. Don’t worry – you can move to a bigger one when it becomes available. The restaurant is just that popular.

It is a small place
It is a small place.

At a glance the meat was so fresh and cannot be compared with other establishments. You will know the quality when you try the raw items.

Anyway the next part of the experience will be detailed later, but finally horse meat is not as tough as you think and surprisingly soft.


Address: Jeju-si, Donam-dong, 908-10 (Donam-ro 48-1)

Jeju Tourism Organization : http://www.jejutour.go.kr     http://www.ijto.or.kr

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