[Jeju Exotic Accommodation] Where tradition meets modernity at the Seaes Hotel and Resort


By just looking at the entrance you can tell this hotel and resort is special. The big pillars holding up the thatched roof already imply this place is different from others.

It is a place where the feeling of grey desolate apartment living can be firmly escaped and where hotel rooms are not suffocatingly constructed on top of each other.

These are some of the reasons why I’m introducing the Seaes Hotel and Resort.


Seaes provides an extremely clean, comfortable and spacious stay with added privacy too thanks to high traditional stone walls. In fact there are only 30 rooms, no two storey buildings and no elevator either. Many Korean celebrities make this hotel their choice during a visit to Jeju Island.


Presidential Suite

However the celebrities also find themselves having to work here.

Photographs are lined up at the front desk revealing the staggering amount of television dramas filmed at this location.


KBS filmed Nooneui Yeowang (The Snow Queen), Kkotboda Nam-ja (Boys Over Flowers), Mianhada, saranghanda (Sorry, I love You).  MBC did Goong (Princess Hours) and SBS came to Jeju for Sikeurit Gadeun (Secret Garden).

Can you see the photograph below? Do you know which drama this famous “kiss bench” is from?


It is actually from the drama Secret Garden.

You know the scene when Ha Ji-won’s character kisses Hyeon-bin’s character while their personalities have swapped bodies?

It happened right there.

Well happened at least twenty times according to one anecdote. Apparently Ha Ji-won couldn’t get the strong “kiss like a man” technique quite correct.

Sitting on the bench also allows you to enjoy the wide surrounding garden which leads to the steep cliffs and emerald ocean of the Jungmun area.

Sometimes this location is used as an outside wedding venue. I do envy the couples that tie the knot here.



Once you are done sitting on the bench why not retire to another relaxing seat at the hotel’s Beritnae Spa and Sauna? Only one group can go at a time as the people limit is 10. Reservations ahead are a must. One session lasts 90 minutes and guests are entitled to a 20% discount. The outdoor pool in the evening – coupled with a view over Jungmun – makes any fatigue evaporate.

If you fancy like venturing out of the grounds then there is one of Jeju’s 368 oreums to climb which is aptly named Beritnae. 

On from this is Cheonjeyeon Waterfall which flows into Songcheon meaning  meaning “star” and “stream” respectively. This continues into Songcheon Port.

In fact there’s a connection with Jeju dialect as berit means “the water which sits at the base of a cliff”.

Unfortunately at this point I have to say my ocean photographs were all ruined by over-exposure so I apologize for a lack of them.

I don’t have any photographs from the night either apart from this one I found at dusk.

I think the hotel and resort becomes even more magical later on at night.


So why not give a night a go?

* Route 8 of Jeju’s Olle Trails come through here and there is a place for walkers to rest.

Jeju Tourism Organization : http://www.jejutour.go.kr/ http://www.ijto.or.kr/





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