[Jeju Travel] It doesn’t matter if the weather is bad at Jeju Dome Leisure Town – jump into Korea’s only indoors karting track and race!


You can divide tourism into two categories. Indoors and outdoors.

Indoors the activities usually require you to look and listen to things.

For outdoors you pay a little more, but ride a horse or shoot something and ride an ATV or kart.

On Jeju Island you can even kayak.

Few tourists make the bigger decision and try these outdoor activities. Yet what if there is bad weather outside? Everything gets spoiled.

Well down in Seogwipo’s Daejeong-eup is Jeju Dome Leisure Town. A solution to the bad weather blues.

This is the only indoors karting experience in all of Korea and the track is bigger than you think. I can’t get it all inside the frame of my camera.


What makes this kart track a little more special is its surface. Made with epoxy, driving like a professional and drifting in your kart is most definitely possible.

And to be honest drifting is something that must be experienced.

There are three types of drift. The first is the “power drift” which requires accelerating into the corner.  The “brake drift” comes next by hitting the brake on the corner. Finally you have the “inertia drift” by just taking your foot off the accelerator and letting inertia do the rest.

Don’t worry if this information is all a bit much. If you’re new to karting then a two seater option might be better at first as an instructor can sit next to you and go over the basics.

I also don’t advise taking these drifting skills on the road. You’ll need a rear-wheel drive like a sports car and any car should be low to the ground with a hard suspension.

Turning  upside down is a real possibility.

So stick to the karting track where the conditions are much safer and more controlled. Put your foot down and enjoy sounds reminiscent of an F1 race. It’ll be boring otherwise.


But if karting isn’t all you want to do Jeju Dome Leisure Town has other activities to try.

Outside ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) buggy cars, and tank-like contraptions wait for riders to guide furiously around the wild track.

5-5 6-6

For a more leisurely pursuit jump on one of the horses.


One of the cool things I wanted to try, but couldn’t, was the survivor game. I didn’t come with any friends and no one else was playing. If you’ve ever played paint-ball you’ll know the survivor game feeling.

It is pretty intense.

Jeju Dome Leisure Town only has an indoors arena to shoot your friends in, but with so many barriers to hide behind you can have lots of fun springing ambushes.

I haven’t talked about prices yet. The karting activity is 25,000 won. However if you pay 50,000 you can choose from three of five activities including horse riding, the tank contraption, buggy car and ATV.


Address: Seogwipo-si, Daejeong-eup, Boseong-ri, 780

Telephone: 064-792-5688

Jeju Tourism Organization: http://www.jejutour.go.kr/ http://www.ijto.or.kr/

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