[Jeju Theme and Museum] The 32nd museum and 11th country for Ripley’s… Believe It or Not!


Jungmun Tourist Complex is one of the biggest and premier destinations for tourists on Jeju Island.

Complete with five star hotels, a botanical garden, a teddy bear museum and an Africa museum there are certainly a plentiful amount of things to do.

That’s not including Jungmun Beach, the volcanic columnar joints, convention center, Cheonjiyeon Waterfall and beautiful scenery.

A little while back I had the chance to go to Jungmun Tourist Complex and visit one of the newest tourist attractions to set up there.

Ripley’s… Believe It or Not!

It opened on Christmas Eve 2011 and to be honest this attraction wasn’t one that interested me much at first. With my scepticism I wondered if I really would believe it or not?

Well one of the first stories and mannequins you’ll see is of a man who survived a horrific shark attack. You’ll be pondering the above question right away.


The adjacent television loops footage from his rescue through to the final operations he underwent.

I wondered if this was footage from a movie. Could this happen in real life? I suggest squeamish people leave this “believe it or not” unanswered.

Next you can find out about the tallest man that ever lived. His name was Robert Pershing Wadlow.


Born in the US state of Illinois in 1982, Wadlow grew to a height of 272 cm. That’s one full meter bigger than me.

Actually he was born normally, but complications with an operation at the age of four saw huge growth spurts and a height of 2 meters by the age of 12.

As much as you think it’d be great to be tall Wadlow had problems balancing his body so he needed a cane.

He died at the age of 22.

Now the tallest naturally-growing man is from Mongolia. Bao Xishun is 236 cm.


So who is the man behind Ripley’s… Believe It or Not?

His name is Robert Ripley.

He lived from 1890 until 1979 and originally started out on this road by publishing amazing sports facts cartoons in a New York newspaper.

These facts would spur a desire to experience these amazing things for himself and so he started to travel.

Travel that would span 35 years over 198 countries including Korea.

The Jeju Island location has 600 items Ripley collected on his travels, but not all 600 are ever on show at once so you’ll need to come back to experience them all.

I really wonder how he managed to build a collection all by himself.

On Jeju you’ll find a James Bond Aston Martin made out of cardboard complete with missiles and guns inside. Of course they are fake, but the attention to detail is quite stunning.


On the other hand you’ll also find the world’s smallest legally road worthy car. Gas it up and ride off onto the roads at a stunning 30 km per hour.


A lock of hair from Elvis Presley is present which cost somewhere in the region of 100,000,000 won ($90,ooo USD). Perhaps a DNA test would clear up your believe it or not thoughts?

The Berlin Wall is here too.


Anyway as much as I tell you all of these items are here to see it really is down to you to visit and choose to… believe it or not.


Address: Jungmun Tourist Complex, Seogwipo-si, Saekdal-dong, 2864-2

Opening Hours: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (10 p.m. during peak season)

Admission Price: 8,000 won for adults and 6,000 for kids

Jeju Tourism Organization: http://www.jejutour.go.kr/ http://www.ijto.or.kr/


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