[Jeju Accommodation] Underneath a starry romantic sky guest house ‘Sai’ awaits


I’m sure visitors to Jeju Island want to stay in friendly accommodation underneath a starry sky that evokes a romantic travel atmosphere.

Jeju people are quite used to this along with the beautiful ocean.

But for those visitors usually surrounded by the high walls of apartment blocks the island really does appear like a paradise.

So getting good accommodation is just as important as eating delicious food.

Sai provides what you need.


The guest house is located on Olle Route 10 in Seogwipo’s Daejeong-eup between the Yeongmori Coast and Songaksan.

Here you can enjoy the natural views as the sound of waves bashfully crash ashore. You forget the stresses of life elsewhere that were eating away at you.

From Songaksan the islands of Gapado and Marado appear so close, but from Sai, Hyeongjeseom (The Two Brothers Islands) and Sanbangsan seem to wrap around the area.


The nearby coastal road through Sagye Village is also famous for its beauty. A beauty that is now bringing many wonderful restaurants and guest houses to the area.

One day really does go fast because of this.

In addition you can catch the boat from neighbouring Molseupo if a visit to Marado or Gapado is on the cards.

Anyway I should get back to telling you about the accommodation.

That’s because the second floor also doubles as a book cafe. You can make your own coffee while enjoying the wide sea view and Sanbangsan. Your coffee has been roasted  right here with the owner by the way.


I suspect this would also be a nice place to visit on a rainy day. Enjoy a book and listen to some slow music as the water patters onto the window panes.

I should also note the owner will send coffee to three lucky guests who leave their business cards behind. Worth a try?

On the more practical side of things a dormitory room costs 20,000 won a night. The family rooms on the third floor will cost 60,000 won for a night. Breakfast is included for all.

As I mentioned the guest house is located on an Olle route and many others routes are close by. Sai offers a pick up service when you are done. Routes 10 or 11 cost 1,000 won. Routes 9, 12 and 13 cost 2,000 won. 14 and 14-1 will be 3,000 won.

Down on Route 10 at the edge of Jeju is the impressive Songaksan. A place that was famous even before the walkers arrived. The sharp cliffs rise out of the ocean and a deep crater can be viewed from summit.

Here’s a titbit of local information I want to share with you: There’s actually another name for Songaksan in Jeju dialect. It is Joluli.


This name relates to the steep walls of the crater and the crying sound which is evoked as  wind swirls inside.

A worthy visit along with a stay at Sai.


Address: Daejeong-eup, Sangmo-ri, 8-1

Web Site: http://cafe.naver.com/jejusai

Jeju Tourism Organization: http://www.jejutour.go.kr/ http://www.ijto.or.kr/


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