[Jeju Theme and Museum] Soingook Theme Park (Miniature Models)


These are some of the impressive miniature models of famous buildings and monuments from around the world at Jeju Island’s Soingook Theme Park.

The Eiffel Tower is found in down-town Paris and is named after its architect, AG Eiffel.

It is 300 meters tall with a TV antennae placed on top after the end of the Second World War. At Soingook this model is 1/15 scale, but its still so big you have to stand back to fit the tower in your frame.

This is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Every year it leaned an extra 1 millimetre. By January 1991 it had leaned so much visitors could no longer climb up so an 11 year program of maintenance began. The tower reopened in November 2011.


In all it took 176 years to build the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

As there is no elevator there are 294 to endure to the top.

Here on Jeju we have a 1/18 scale reproduction.

Of course everyone is familiar with the next model. It is the Statue of Liberty. France gave it to the United States to mark their 100 years of independence.


Around $400,000 was spent on it back in 1875. Can you imagine how much that would be today?

In the right hand lady liberty holds a torch while in the left hand she holds a tablet inscribed with July 4, 1776. This is the day of the Declaration of Independence.

It is 225 tons and 46 meters high.

There is an elevator inside which goes up to the crown.

In real life you have to take a ferry to Liberty Island. So the planners here tried to recreate this by placing the 1/20 scale statue in the middle of a pond.

Here is another top world landmark and a top landmark for Sydney, Australia.


It is the Opera House, a building famous for its beauty and design.

Many people say it looks like a shell, but it was originally designed to resemble a peeled orange.

After 14 years of construction is was completed in 1973.

Now we move to the Moai statues on Easter Island. You know, the huge heads look really different in their model setting here on Jeju when compared to their real windswept home.


Recently they dug one up and discovered only one third of the statue is above ground. For more pictures click here.

Above ground their height it 3.5 to 4.5 meters. They weigh 20 tons.

It’s just amazing that people were able to put these statues on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Especially when you find out there are 600 of them.

Still a certain mystery surrounds them.

We go back to the United States and the Black Hills of Montana to see Mount Rushmore.


Washington (1), Jefferson (3), Lincoln (16), and Roosevelt (32) are represented here.

Sculpting began in 1921 and finished in 1941. From head to chin the height of the faces measures 18 meters.

They can be seen from 90 kilometers away.

To the Kukulcan Pyramid in Mexico dating from the time of the Maya and Inca civilizations. It has a symmetrical design with 365 steps on each side. Each step has 52 plates.


On a more local, Korea level, there are buildings showing life as it was. Including eating, drinking, movie and music establishments.

For young people it is fun to see how life used to be, but for old people the real memories come flooding back.




Web Site: http://www.soingook.com/

Address: Seogwipo si, Andeok-myeon, Seogwang-ri, No. 725 , Jeju-do

*This is not Mini Mini Land in Gyorae-ri. Soingook Theme Park was in fact the first miniature model park on the island.

Opening Hours: From 8:30 a.m. but closing hours vary season-to-season (see here).

Admission Price: 9,000 won for adults and 7,000 won for youth (13-18) or 5,000 won for kids (3-12)

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