[Jeju Food] Myeongjinjeonbok: The best place to try abalone dolsotbap (rice in a hot stone pot)


The color of the rice in this piping hot stone pot is golden brown and makes my mouth water.

Plus there are big slices of succulent abalone on top.

This is Myeongjinjeonbok located in Gujwa-eup’s Pyeongdae-ri.

It’s a little far from Jeju City, but that concept of ‘far’ only belongs to Jeju residents. I think tourists from Seoul who are accustomed to large commute times will find the distance quite agreeable.

Actually the abalones they use here are from the farm right behind the restaurant. The owner is the wife of the farm owner.

I arrived at around sunset and the ocean came ashore some five meters away. From the big windows you can stare outwards as you eat.


One common thing about delicious restaurants is that they make their own side dishes like they do here.

The owner, Moon Im-ja, has also lost count of the number of abalone porridge servings she has made and raw abalone she has served over the years.

For 15 years she has worked at restaurants, but this place only opened last July after some renovation work to the farm building left space for utilization.

The kitchen area is open so you can watch Moon cooking.

The flavors from the abalone, rice, and vegetables all mix together exceedingly well.


A serving of abalone dolsotbap will cost about 13,000 won, which is cheaper than most other places. Well, most other places don’t have a farm right behind them do they? Plus they own the building too.


However no alcohol is on sale to go with the meal.

Even though Myeongjinjeonbok only opened last July word-of-mouth has spread quickly leading to a busy service at dinner, so watch out for this as well.

Famous visitors include the actor Jeong Jin-yeong and a high-ranking female politician. Both had complimentary things to say about the place.

So if this is your first time it is probably best to follow 75 per cent of the other customers and order the abalone dolsotbap. You can also order a porridge, raw and grilled abalone if you wish.


Address:  Jeju Island, Jeju-si, Gujwa-eup, Haematihaean-ro 1282. Old address: Gujwa-eup, Pyeongdae-ri, 515-28. *If the GPS navigation is not up-to-date in your car you’ll be directed to the village center. Ignore this and keep on the road for another 30 meters.

Telephone: 064-782-9944

Opening Hours: 9 a.m. until 8 p.m.

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