[Jeju Accommodation] Backpacker’s Home: A guesthouse for travellers who want to explore Seogwipo’s center

1Backpacker’s Home is a guest house which serves as a base camp for backpackers in Korea’s southern-most city.

Here a beautiful harbor complements a beautiful ocean view in which the islands of Seopseom, Munseom and Beomseom float like lotus flowers.

Seogwipo City has was sunshine all year round and an artist spirit which lives on through the unique Lee Jung-seop street.

It’s very exotic as the Jeju people’s dialect flows around too.

This area is also home to Jeju Olle Trail Routes 6 and 7, which are considered highlights of the over 20 to choose between.

Backpacker’s Home is quite simply a heaven for backpackers and its location makes so many great Seogwipo attractions easily accessible.


Within a 10 minute walk you’ll be at Cheonjiyeon Waterfall and the aforementioned Lee Jung-seop artist street. There’s also Chilsipsi Park, Saeyeon Bridge, Gidang Art Museum and Geolmaesaenghwal Exercise Park nearby.

For an extra five minutes you’ll be able to walk to Oedolgae which is the incredibly scenic start point for Jeju Olle Trail’s most popular route.

Backpacker’s Home is clean and has a well maintained garden.

There is also a coffee shop.

Sure it is in the middle of the city, but once you step inside a peaceful atmosphere closes in upon you.


The building has a terracotta finishing and an outdoor cafe style reminiscent of a romantic European getaway destination.

In the middle of the cafe remains a Cycad tree and also a glass ceiling.

This is a special glass ceiling which prevents the Sun’s harmful UV rays passing through.

It is very cozy along with the bamboo trees growing in the corners and people who aren’t staying there wander in for a coffee.

A cup of coffee is surprisingly cheap and many local ex-pats like to spend time here.


There are nine dormitory rooms each with four beds. There is one dormitory room with six beds. Recently a couple room also opened for reservations.

On the terracotta-finished walls hang the images of Jeju photographer, Shin Yong-man.


The second floor has a deck available for sunbathing and relaxing.

A good night view of Seogwipo is available too as is the opportunity to break out the barbecue.


Couple room per night: 55,000 won | 4 bed dormitory per night: 22,000 won | 6 bed dormitory per night: 22,000 won.

Check-in:  From 2 p.m. Check-out: Until 10 a.m.

* Breakfast is served from 7 a.m. until 9 .m. in the cafe.

*Lights out at 11 p.m. and the main gate is closed.

*Food and drink (apart from water) is not allowed in rooms. Basement facilities are okay for eating.

*There is also a performance hall for musicians available until 10 p.m. in the evening.

* No smoking.

* One batch of laundry costs 3,000 won.

* Lockers for precious items require a refundable deposit of 10,000 won.

* Nearby restaurants include Sambo, Sondubu, Jinju, Suui, Ujeonghuitjip, Ssangdungihuitjip dungoi.

Telephone: 064-763-4000

Address: Seogwipo-si, Seogwi-dong, 315-2, (http://dmaps.kr/7g3k).


Getting There: Get off at Seogwipo’s Jungang Rotary Bus Terminus and walk in the direction of Cheonjiyeon Waterfall for about seven minutes. It is on a street behind the New Gyeongnam Tourist Hotel.

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