[Jeju Travel] Shangri-la Yacht Tours – Special Memories From the Ocean


Jungmun Tourist Complex is considered the number one tourist destination on the island with many things to see and do.

The Shangri-la Yacht Tour has its home base here for luxury boat tours.

Most people think taking a yacht is an activity for the rich and famous, but still everyone at some point, thinks about having the experience at least once.

If you’re satisfied with staying on-board for only a few hours then the experience is more than possible at Jungmun Tourist Complex.

Unfortunately you can’t do this yacht tour even if you have time and money. Rainy and windy days are not so good.

The weather in Jeju City and Seogwipo is also different due to Halla Mountain.

Therefore you should call ahead to check if the yacht tours are running.


After making my reservation for the day I decided to fill my stomach up at the nearby Chinese buffet restaurant known as Kao Kao.

The taste of the food was good, but the best part was getting to see Jungmun Beach over the top of the palm trees. Extremely exotic.


Now it was time for the tour yet I think I should let you know the prices. There are quite a few options depending on what you want to do.


If you think it’s too expensive then that is a misunderstanding.

Tours are classified into two categories – private and public.

Private will see only you and your friends on the yacht. Public will mean going with other tourists.

Many tourists go for the public tour.

Public tour courses include the Happy Course which lasts an hour. It takes in the spectacular volcanic columnar  joints of Jusang Jeolli. This costs 60,000 won for an adult and 40,000 won for a youth.

There is a Mini Course which takes in some basic ocean views lasting 30 minutes with an adult costing 40,000 won and a youth at 30,000 won.

The Any Course allows you to choose the route. This is two hours for five people and costs 500,000 won.

The first picture at the top of the post shows the Shangri-la 1 yacht for private tours. For four people this costs 300,000 won.

But there is more.

Every morning just before the sun comes up the Sunrise Tour sails off at 80,000 won per person for public and 600,000 won for five people privately.

There is also a proposal and wedding  tour however more on that later.

My experience took in the public Happy Course on Shangri-la 3.


Approaching the columnar joints from the ocean gave me a completely different perspective on them. They were just wonderful.


Seeing the tourists on land trying to peer down at the joints I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of smugness.


You have to take this tour to really appreciate Jeju and the ocean.

According to the yacht manager wedding proposals have a 100 per cent success rate on the boat too. Especially at sunset time as the atmosphere is incredibly romantic.

I don’t even have a date to share my experience with.

So we went further out towards the ocean. We stopped and I received a fishing rod. I’m not one for fishing so the rod dangled into the water and I waited for something to happen.


However if you do catch something the yacht crew will prepare the fish for you to eat right there.



Also when the boat stops it starts to bob up and down in the current. The seasickness tablet I took before boarding really helped me out.

So time flies like an arrow while you’re on board the Shangri-la and soon we we’re already heading back to shore.

Look up at the sky, see Halla Mountain, the oreums in front of it and the stunning Jeju coastline.

This picture doesn’t do the scene justice.



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