[Jeju Accommodation] Kasantobang – A well being Korean-style accommodation


From Seogwipo and unlike Jeju City you can see and be much closer to Halla Mountain especially if the weather is nice.

Even from down town Seogwipo it is possible to have this view, but what if you head up towards the mountain from there? The scene is even more amazing.

This is where you’ll find the holiday pension, Kasantobang, in peaceful Topyeong-dong.

What also makes Kasantobang different is the building construction style. Ample amounts of red clay in the structures radiate a sense of traditional Jeju from the past.

The neighborhood is quite secluded, which when coupled with the dignified setting of the accommodation, makes this a perfect place for resting.

Inside reflects the outside atmosphere too.


A wonangsil looks like the interior of a Mongolian tent and emits coziness while the smell of nearby Jeju pine trees and red clay makes you calmer.

These days having such a traditionally built accommodation suggests a certain uncomfortable experience will be had as a trade-off, yet there is modern convenience which left a really good impression.

So there’s no need to worry about such things.

The main building’s feeling of difference and freshness might come from the skilled owner who once ran a construction company.

He designed and built Kasantobang.


Actually the red clay which makes up some 50 to 60 centimeters of the wall’s thickness is from Goseong on the mainland. This is kind of unique considering most buildings in Korea these days are constructed with steel and cement.

At first Kasantobang began life as a sauna, but later the main building was converted into a place for guests to stay. Later still more outer buildings were added with additional rooms.


You know in Korea we don’t always use glass in our windows. Instead we use a special type of paper. The sound of this paper moving slightly in the wind mixed with the smell of tangerines made me forget the problems of the world completely.


Another good point about this place is the garden in the middle of the buildings. Here the tangerine trees grow with wild flowers while various pots made with Jeju’s soil scatter the ground. If the season is right you can even pick the tangerines.

Oh I must mention the Korean black pork pig restaurant on site where guests receive a 10 per cent discount.


It is such a lovely traditional scene of rest and relaxation at Kasantobang.


Address: 3077, Topyeong-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Telephone: 064-732-2095

Web Site: http://kasantobang.com/index_e.php (All English)

Room Price: Please see this link for detailed English information

Location: http://kasantobang.com/pages.php?p=5_2_1_1 or Korean map http://dmaps.kr/7vss

* Internet is available and a breakfast of abalone porridge can be consumed in the morning.



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