[Jeju Festival] Application, registration, and participation information for the 2013 Jeju Olle Walking Festival


The registration period for the 2013 Jeju Olle Walking Festival has begun.

Registration is open until Sep. 30 so there is no hurry… yet.

The festival will run for three days from Thursday Oct. 31 through to Saturday Nov. 2.

Jeju Olle’s main office is also seeking people who are able to offer performances and art displays. This registration period runs until only July 31.

So far there have been four walking festivals which have been on Olle routes around the southern-region of the island. This year’s finally enters the Jeju-si area.

The theme will center around sharing on the trail including sharing culture, warm hearts, and memories.

“Share hearts on the trail” will be the slogan.


Starting on Route 14 from Jeoji, over Route 15, and then on to Route 16, finishing at Gwangnyeong 1-ri Office, the total distance is going to be 55.8 km.

While walking this set of routes you’ll discover the western coast as well as the interior.

+ Oct. 31st for Route 14: Jeoji-ri Community Center – Hallim Hang (19.3 km, 6-7 hours)

+ Nov. 1st  for Route 15: Hallim Hang – Gonae Pogu (19 km, 6-7 hours)

+Nov. 2nd for Route 16 : Gonae Pogu – Gwangnyeong 1-ri Office (17.8 km, 6-7 hours)


The registration fee is 20,000 for participating, but this is reduced to 15,000 won for youths, the disabled, and groups of over 20 people.

Money transfers from within Korea can be sent to the festival account: NongHyup Bank 301-0131-1806-61.

Suggested preparation items for the festival include long-sleeved shirts, long pants, trekking shoes, tumbler mug, and a spoon.

Please remember to print and bring your registration confirmation page.

Applicants that register will receive a special Olle scarf which can then be used to have experiences and collect further souvenirs along the way. Local villages and sponsoring businesses will be co-operating with this.


Also, if you have old colorful fabric at home bring it with you to the festival. The fabric will be used to create the Ganse pony which is Jeju Olle’s signature product.

Festival sponsors include the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, along side Jeju City Hall, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, and the Jeju Tourism Organization.

Please call 064-762-2190 for more information or visit http://www.ollewalking.co.kr



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