[Jeju Theme and Museum] Eco Land Theme Park: Train travel through Jeju Island’s mysterious Gotjawal forest


After entering Eco Land Theme Park and getting off at the first station take a walk along the wooden decking to reach the lake.

Here the view is open and the surface water is calm. When crossing the bridge you can’t help but take photographs. If the weather is nice your photographs are even better.


The lake itself is an impressive 20,000 pyeong when using a Korean measurement system.

This lake, along with the trains, are some of the reasons why Eco Land Theme Park is quite famous. Actually it has been quite famous ever since it opened.


Here on Jeju we don’t have any running trains or even train track. So when this place appeared inside a large part of the island’s Gotjawal forest attention was deserved.

Many curious tourists bubble about here and there.

Even early mornings on weekends are busy.


When you do make it out on to the wooden decking by the lake it is a place to bathe in beautiful sunlight.

The water is quiet and it is a nice location for day-dreaming.

Of course it’ll get too hot if you stay for a while, but if the weather is mild people do linger here enjoying the atmosphere.


You can also enjoy the atmosphere and experience of sitting on replica Baldwin style trains from the 1800’s. Originally manufactured in the United States, the trains at Eco Land Theme Park were in fact procured from the United Kingdom.

While on one of the five trains you’ll be able to take in the lungs of Jeju Island. The lungs being the Gotjawal forest.

If you saw this blog in the past you may recall Hwansangsup. In that posting you can find out so much more.

In this area (Gyorae) the Gotjawal is home to 300 types of insects and 500 types of plants.

The Japanese Paradise Flycatcher and Fairy Pitter are two near-threatened birds which find sanctuary here.

Also look our for the Black Woodpecker, owls, and kestrels.


These fall into natural monuments of South Korea.

After getting off at the lake station I headed for the Samda Garden. This photograph is from the observation deck. As you can see the atmosphere is secluded.


The picnic garden station has a big grass field and kids town so you’ll find lots of families here. They bring food to eat.

Even though there is a sign saying you have to be under 13 to go on the swings and slides adults still enjoy themselves.


I also grabbed a cup of coffee and headed for the Eco Road which is paved with Jeju’s famous red-scoria stone.


There are short and long courses to choose between for a walk.

I opted for the long course.

One of the good things about taking a walk is the feeling of being surrounded by nature. Especially if you walk on the soil with the Gotjawal forest all around you. The air is so fresh.

However, when I visited I was with other people so I had to cut my walk a bit short.

If you only take the train and don’t include a walk then your experience here will not be as great.



But it is summer and the long course might be too long for some. So please consider your schedule and fitness before starting.


After coming out of the Gotjawal there is a field of reeds which, when appropriately colored, conjure images of Fields of Gold by Sting.


Eco Land Theme Park receives a recommendation for Jeju visitors.


Address: Jeju-si, Jocheon-eup, Gyorae-ri, 1221-1

Opening Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. (high season) and 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (low season)

Web Site: http://www.ecolandjeju.co.kr


Find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jejutr

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