[Jeju Accommodation] Together with a knowledgeable owner at the Sonang Guesthouse


For today’s post I’m going to introduce Sonang Guesthouse.

It is very close to Mangjanggul which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the hip-trendy Woljeong Beach.

The guesthouse is popular among solo travelers giving them a comfy and cozy atmosphere in which to meet others to create travel plans.

These days it is a famous area of the island to stay in. That’s all thanks to the first cafe which moved there called Island Zorba (which has now changed its name at the Woljeong Beach location).

The cafe became fashionable among netizens. Things just went from there. The turquoise and clear ocean alongside white sand are a big draw.

Even in winter the tough waves make the place attractive.

The meaning of the guesthouse is derived from the word ‘pine tree’ in Jeju dialect. It is built under a big pine tree. Yet the walls and beds are all made of cypress.


Even though Sonang is located right next to a main road once you are inside the aforementioned cozy holiday home atmosphere closes all around.

The walls are full of human stories through photographs of travelers out on Jeju’s nearby oreums and Hallasan.


So you can guess another kind of special benefit of staying here relates to this.

Here the owner gives you a tour of oreums at sunrise and provides great information on natural walking trails like Saryeonisupgil.

Don’t worry – if you forgot your hiking boots you can borrow boots here for free.

Programs are different depending on the season.

But thanks to his local knowledge you can only experience Jeju’s remote interior locations with him.

Keep in mind other famous sites like Manjanggul and Gimnyeong Maze Park which are only a short cycle or scooter ride away.

The road down to Woljeong Beach is quintessential Jeju Olle and shows its origins.

Dorm rooms at Sonang Guesthouse range from four to six and eight people. The price is 20,000 won with breakfast included.


A BBQ party at night requires 15,000 won if you want to participate.

There is also a small garden in which organic vegetables are grown which form part of the side dishes provided at the guesthouse.

However, if you are a family staying here then there is family accommodation detached from the main building. Go to the second floor for a great view of the ocean.


Address: Jeju-si, Gujwa-eup, Woljeong-ri, 891-7 (http://dmaps.kr/7osg)

Web Site: http://cafe.naver.com/jejusonang



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