[Jeju Travel] Camping on Jeju Island, South Korea


Nowadays there is a sudden camping boom in South Korea.

I’m not sure if it was to do with the entertainment programs here or if there is another reason. However, camping is popping up everywhere and Jeju Island is no exception.


Of course camping-related products are selling like hot cakes too.

People love camping because they get to spend their leisure time in nature which leaves behind the busy, hectic, real-world.

With your family, friends, or lover you can set up a tent, bring out the portable kitchenware, make your food, and count the stars under the night sky which is hard to do in the city.

This is the essence of life which is lost due to our day-to-day schedules.


Yet with so many wanting to camp there are a few issues springing up.  You have to fight for your pitch and fight for a reservation. Users throw trash away and what was once a nice camp site descends into a trash dump.

The media has also taken notice of these issues. They are investigating.

So if you really want to love and enjoy camping culture then keep the site clean as if it was your own house.

On Jeju Island one of our most popular camping sites is situated at Hamdeok Seoubong Beach.

There are in fact two beaches here.

The camp site used to be near the second beach, but has moved as a caravan company moved in.

Now the tents are in a smaller area.


I strongly recommend climbing Seoubong around sunset. You don’t need to go to the top. Just follow the wooden decking to find a bench. Be sure to take your camera.


Isn’t this wonderful?


Some people set up their tent near the seaside to look at the sunset as well.

Now we turn to Iho Taeuhaebyeon.


This beach has more support for campers as tents are already set up negating the need for your own.

It will cost 25,000 won per person in the tent with equipment available for another 25,000 won per tent.

So when you go camping at first you may well buy cheap equipment and later upgrade. One single item could end up costing more than a night’s accommodation.

It’s a difficult balance to strike because will you camp more than once or twice out of 365 days in the year?


Even though you buy cheap items by keeping them well all will be fine.

If you really don’t want to organize your own items then a tent village might be best. This works for campers who won’t be going often.

The KAL Hotel in Seogwipo offers facilities.


As does the Shilla Hotel in Jungmun Resort.


At both places you make your reservation, turn up, camp, and leave. Everything else in terms of equipment is taken care of.

This is favored more by visiting tourists than Jeju residents.

Even then others may feel uncomfortable in this setting.

Alternatively why not try the Cocoon which can be hung up anywhere it is possible to hang something.


Below is a picture of a hammock. It needs two trees but if you don’t have two trees it is useless.


That’s why this special hammock was created.

Space in the car will be taken up, but isn’t it worth it?

You know most of Jeju’s beaches have a camp site so you can rest with the night sky as your blanket.


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