[Jeju Theme & Museum] Jeju Starlight World Park and Planetarium: Jeju’s premier night attraction


This is a night view of Jeju City from the observation deck at Jeju Starlight World Park and Planetarium.

When you see with your own eyes it looks so beautiful, but it is not easy to take a photograph of this beauty.

You know in Jeju we don’t actually have many activities and places to enjoy at night.

Before this place was built Love Land was considered one of the best to visit.

Yes, there are also places to appreciate near the sea after sunset including Yongduam (Dragon Head rock) and Yongyeon Bridge. Yet many people complained there were not enough. So the Jeju government invested 150 eok won and opened the Jeju Starlight World Park and Planetarium on Mar. 20, 2009.

In summertime you can enter here until 10 p.m. and it is possible to come in from 2 p.m. but to watch the stars you should really come at night.


After getting a ticket the way in gives you a feeling as if you are in a space craft. Many people take pictures here.

Jeju Starlight World Park and Planetarium offers four distinct experience areas. There is the 4D theatre, star projection theatre, observatory, and display exhibit.

Except for the display exhibit, the other three have a schedule which runs seven times a day every hour. However, the schedules don’t overlap so everything is organized well.

Even though this photograph is blue the color is different when seeing yourself.


The interior tries to produce a view like a sci-fi movie. There are many kids visiting here so you’ll find mobiles hanging from the ceiling for them.

In the display exhibit hall you’ll find explanations about spacecraft, spacesuits, and each planet in our galaxy. This is really educational, isn’t it? That’s why there are many family tourists.


When you go into the model spacecraft you can see from the screen about how spacecraft dock with a space station.

In the 4D theater you wear glasses and sit on a chair to enjoy. The effects are really great with bursts of air and water surprises. It’s totally different from a movie at the normal theater.

The running time seems too short. I wanted to watch longer. Plus there are only 48 seats so make sure to go in advance and make a line.


The star projection room is like a theater too. You lie back on the chair to almost 180 degrees and watch the screen. The screen is on the ceiling not in front of you. It is dome shaped showcasing amazing scenes with an accompanying explanation.

It is especially vivid when the movie moves around the stars to explain the different constellations.

I’m sure everyone knows the constellation locations vary depending on the season.

The most famous constellations include the Big Dipper, Orion, and Cassiopeia.

Their shapes are complicated as well. The Big Dipper looks like a scoop. Orion is trapezoid. Cassiopeia has a ‘w’ shape.

When you visit Jeju Starlight World Park and Planetarium and there is no cloud at night you can see lots of stars from the observatory. There are not many neon signs around so the stars shine bright.

The main observatory room and sub-observatory room show us the stars we can see with the naked eye and also show us Saturn and Jupiter.

In the sub-observatory room you can see the rings of Saturn with the telescope.

There are only 6 telescopes and lots of people are waiting. Don’t watch for too long.


In the observatory rooms the roofs draw back meaning it could be a bit chilly even in summertime. It is a good idea to bring long sleeves. Of course nowadays we have tropical nights, but just in case.


Different programs run depending on the season. They also have an astronomy camp.


Address: Jeju-si, Odeungdong San 34

High Season: Mar. 1 – Oct. 31 | 3:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. (tickets will be sold until 10:00 p.m.)

Low Season: Nov. 1 – end of Feb. | 2:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. (tickets will be sold until 9:00 p.m.)

*Days-off are always on Mondays unless it is a national holiday. In that case the day-off will be Monday and Tuesday.

Ticket Price: Adults – 5,000 won / Youth and Soldiers – 3,500 won / Children – 2,000 won

Web Site: http://star.jejusi.go.kr/ (Korean Only)


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