[Jeju Accommodation] Tibet Scenery Guesthouse: Meeting Tibet on Jeju Island


A feeling of exotic culture at the Tibet Scenery Guesthouse.

In the Himalaya mountain range there is God’s place at the highest point of land below the sky. It is known as Chomolungma. We know it as Everest.

The place behind Chomolungma or Everest is Tibet.

Religion is life in this area where the people follow mother nature through the mountain’s silence and wind. This is their sacred book.

It is a remote location many hardened travelers come to visit.

The reason the Tibet Scenery Guesthouse looks the way it does is because of the owners. The couple are travelers who also ran a guesthouse in Tibet.


You’ll find it at the end of Jeju Olle Route 8 in Seogwipo’s Daepyeong-ri, Andeok-myeon, area. The village faces big ocean but is also screened by two big oreums known as Gunsan and Wolsan.

Wherever you go the houses are low built as are the fences. It looks like a village from a fairy tale and makes tourists happy.

There is a simply painted white sign under a typical Jeju stone wall.

Then the darchor flags appear which are like laundry flapping in the wind. Actually these are flags left on the mountainous trails of Tibet where trekkers pray to ask for acceptance by the mountains.

Five colors represent the sky, cloud, water, fire, and soil.


Most of the ones you see hanging here were made by the owner couple.

You can feel the kind touch of owners who have traveled all over the world.


*The guesthouse is quite small (15 people per night) so reservations are a must.

7 person dorm | 20,000 won per night

4 person dorm | 20,00 won per night

2 person couple room | 40,000 to 50,000 won per night (two rooms)


*Toast and tea is provided free of charge in the morning, however, cooking facilities are also available.

*You can use a rickshaw bicycle brought from Tibet to cycle around the village.

*The Mulgogi Cafe run by famous Korean movie director, Jang Seon-wu, is nearby.

Address: Seogwipo-si, Andeok-myeon, Daepyeong-ri 789-1

Telephone: 070-4234-5836


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