[Jeju Accommodation and Travel] Yusuam’s Village Daesung: A place to sleep with a pine tree forest and ocean view at the same time


Village Daesung is located in Yusuam-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, and when you look out of the accommodation’s window you can view the island’s west-side ocean because the place is constructed on Jeju’s interior slopes.

The pine trees surround the accommodation like a fortress.

Smell the healthy phytocide released by the pine.

At night the fishing boat lights are good to see.

You’ll need about 30 minutes to reach this location from Jeju City. Remember to turn right at the horse racing park in the direction of Hagwi Jangjeon. Then go on 2 kilometers more.

The accommodation is all made of wood and each of the buildings you can stay in are isolated. Perfect for those wanting to make a bit of noise.

You have 28 pyeong, 38 pyeong, 45 pyeong, some of which are two-storey.

Every building is named after a flower like iris, daisy, violet, canna, dandelion, and anemon.

I stayed in ‘canna’.


As I said above the building is all made of pine wood with a big living room, a high ceiling, and two bathrooms.

There is a sauna and small swimming pool out front for all to use.

One of the biggest things to enjoy is the veranda with barbecue.

Each building has wild flowers planted in front by the owner.

The owner also grows lettuce and other vegetables in the garden here. From spring you are free to take as much as you want while staying.

Many guests stay for free too including those with Korea’s welfare organizations. Not so long ago famous Korean performer and hard-working charity supporter, Kim Jang-hoon, visited with a group of disadvantaged children for two days.


Village Daesung is nestled near the comfortable countryside village of Yusuam. Many people settle with pretty-shaped houses as it is not too far from the city.

View a soapberry tree which is a protected Jeju treasure (No. 6) and nettle tree colony.

Last year Olive TV broadcast season one of Korea Master Chef. The winner, Kim Seung-min, has his Japanese restaurant here. It is called Aruyo.

Pretty much next door is a restaurant called Chamsol which is known for bibimbap and raw horse meat.

After eating you can relax with hand drip coffee in two nearby locations.


Address: Jeju-do, Jeju-si, Aewol-eup, Yusuam-ri, 2991

Telephone: 064-799-7171

Web Site: http://www.dsvillage.co.kr


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