[Jeju Festival] WOW 369 FESTIVAL (2013)


* This festival will now happen one week later than advertised *

Today I’m going to introduce an upcoming festival on Jeju Island which will be held next month.

It is the WOW 369 Festival.

Have you heard of it?

The choice of numbers are actually based on a few things.

Let’s take the ‘3’ for example. That relates to the three things the island is traditionally known for – wind, rocks, and women.

Next up the ‘6’ represents six different markets.

Finally the ‘9’ means the nine pleasures you can indulge in if you attend.

The festival will run from Oct.5 (FRI) to Oct. 6 (SAT) in the Jungang-ro area of Jeju City.

There is a horse parade, a grand sale, food to enjoy, and many things to see and do.

So bring your friends and family on down for this cool autumn festival.

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