[Jeju Theme & Museum] Citrus Museum and 2013 Seogwipo World Citrus Pre-EXPO


The Citrus Museum has been open since 2005 under the stewardship of our provincial government thus making it quite cheap to visit and find out all about Jeju’s deliciously famous tangerines.

An adult ticket costs only 1,500 won, while a juvenile gets in for 1,000 won, and young children are only 800 won.

You’ll have to head on down to the Seogwipo area of the island and Sinhyo-dong.

Upon arrival you’ll find the trees lining the nearby street are all tangerines of the hagyul variety.


The main museum consists of areas like a themed exhibition hall, a world tangerine exhibit, an experience place, and a subtropical garden.

In the themed exhibition hall you can learn about the old species of tangerine from the island as well as their origins.



Next you learn about their effects on the body and which foods they can be processed with.

I already knew about our hallabong and chonyaeyang types, but there were many, many, more.

The second floor reveals exhibits about Jeju’s farming life from the past. Old Jeju life is on display through the farming tools.


Moving on allows you to explore tangerines from across the world. Products of Japan, Europe, and America are all on show.


This tangerine below looks like a human hand so its name is bulsugam (fingered citron). I was curious about the taste, but it is only for appreciation with the eyes.


Instead why not buy a sapling for 1,000 won and grow your own? Just put one branch down into the ground and it’ll start growing back.

It is the experience hall in which visitors can really touch the tangerines though.

You can make juice or whipping cream. Alternatively try you hand at making tangerine bread, rice cake or even soap.


Each season of the year has a different program so be sure to check ahead. Programs are also becoming more popular so a reservation is recommended too (Korean language only: http://citrusmuseum.com/index.php/contents/experience/booking).

In 2011 tangerine trees were planted nearby with the purpose for providing future picking experiences. This should bear fruit soon as well.


Finally check the observation deck which has a nice view.



2013 Seogwipo World Citrus Pre-EXPO Information

The 2013 Seogwipo World Citrus Pre-EXPO will be begin on Nov. 22, 2013, for 10 days at various locations around Seogwipo including the Citrus Museum, Seogwipo Agricultural Technology Center, and Lee Jung-seop street.

There will be many things to do for professionals, tourists, and residents.

The expo will showcase an international theme through tangerine farming techniques, farming materials, and processed products from 10 countries. The USA, Italy, and Spain are some of the few.

A Korean citrus theme area will also be built with information on citrus history, a species gallery, and South Jeolla  Province gallery.

For professionals an industry theme will look at industrial design and a Back-to-Farm Back-to-Earth gallery.

For full English expo details please visit this link: http://www.citrus-expo.com/eng/outline_04-2.html.

I didn’t get around to talking about the experience programs yet either like a cooking competition, sampling party, healing therapy opportunity, and auction. See http://www.citrus-expo.com/eng/outline_04-5.html and click ‘experience events’.

Before finishing up I must tell you of the photo competition. One entrant can submit four photographs each one no bigger than 11″ by 14″. Photographs can be sent in via the mail (Jeju-si, Namnyeong-ro, 54, Wodeoseubil, 101, 690-818) or dropped off in person if you are on the island. Until Nov.5 judges will select and then present the winners during the expo. Check http://www.jejusajin.com or call 064-726-6326 for further information.


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