[Jeju Nature] Jeolmul Recreational Forest: Walking in nature with the healing and well-being feeling


It is still a little hot out but fall is moving in around us.

These photographs were taken last year during the middle of October. Can’t you feel the fall feeling?


Nowadays so many people come to the Jeolmul Recreational Forest. Peak and off-season do not matter.

People look for healing, well-being, and realize the comfort which the forest gives is very important.

The walks among the cypress trees which grow straight to the sky along with the blowing breeze surrounding your body leaves an amazing feeling.


Jeolmul’s setting is quite wonderful and especially so this year as its function expands.

It is not only for strolling, but for cultural events too. Like a mini-orchestra and wood carving exhibits.


You’ll find the forest in the Bongae-dong area of the Jeju City region.

The 50-year-old trees poking holes in the sky are grouped tightly together. It conjures up images of Norway from a book I once read.


Pine, snow bell, and mulberry, are some of the trees living within the 300 hectare recreational forest boundary.

You can see these while taking in a few of the famous walking trails including the Jangsaeoi Supgil. At a distance of 11.1 km you’ll need at least 3 hours to complete it.

Going barefoot is permitted however after rain you won’t be able to go until the ground has dried out. Trekking or hiking poles are not permitted.

If you’re feeling a bit thirsty then natural spring water is another draw to the forest. The clean and cool water comes down from the nearby oreum. People actually take large quantities away with them though you have to wait until after the place is closed to do so.


Jeolmul Oreum is 147 meters high and well worth the hike. The observation decking from the two summits make for great viewing over Halla Mountain.

Accommodation is available too.


Yet as Jeolmul is government operated the pricing structure is very cheap so reservations are difficult to come by.

Rooms range from 32,000 won to 70,000 won per night off-season while peak season sees prices rise to 58,000 won to 117,000 won per night. The 29 rooms can fit between four to eleven people.

If you want to make a reservation you’ll have to get online at 9 a.m. on the first day of the month and click quickly. Within five minutes all reservations are usually taken.

Other government run places on the island like Gyorae Natural Recreation Park have a similar system.



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