[Jeju Nature] Saryeonisupgil : Jeju Island’s number one forest walking trail (Saryeoni Forest)


Saryeonisupgil is so popular I feel like I don’t need to explain it much.

We can call it Jeju Island’s number one forest walking trail.


Spreading out over quite a wide area you’ll find one entrance higher on the slopes of Halla Mountain on the picturesque 1112 Bijarim-ro. You’ll find another entrance towards Namwon-eup’s Hannam-ri on the 1118.

The picture right at the top was taken from the 1112 entrance where parking is only possible along the side of the road. On the other hand the 1118 entrance has ample parking space.

The distance between the two are some 20 kilometers if you walk via Saryeonisupgil with the trail averaging an altitude of 550 meters with it taking over four hours for a return trip.

Saryeonisupgil has parts you are not permitted to discover at the moment. The blue lines on the map in the photograph plot open routes.


Yet even on the open routes you can spy trails leading off between the trees. Don’t let curiosity get the better of you. It is very easy to get lost on them.

Alas Mulchat Oreum is still off-limits.


Also as Saryeonisupgil is in the mountain area of the island rainfall is more and often in heavier quantities. This leads to flooding when the trails cross swollen streams. So much so walkers do call 119 for rescue from time-to-time.

When you don’t stray off route and the rain is not falling hard then, this makes the forest trail a place to take a safe bath in nature.

There are various types of trees to admire including hornbeams, snowbells, and cypresses.



You’ll also see roe deer, badgers, weasels, and birds like the Fairy Pitta and Goshawk.

This bird left footprints in the trail.


If you walk here drinking in the clean air then your stress will decrease. Your lungs and intestine functions can improve.

One other thing you might see are walkers with bare feet on the soil sections.


Visiting early in the morning while the fog sits among the trees is quite amazing.


Back in 2009 Saryeonisupgil was also named one of Jeju’s 31 best secrets, but has now progressed to being one of the places you must stop at during any island trip.

The cypress trees which grow straight to the sky on all sides look really exotic. Therefore movies, dramas, and advertisements are often filmed here.


Even in your car the 1112 Bijarim-ro road which gets you to Saryeonisupgil is a popular driving route.


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