[Jeju Accommodation] Inside Camellia Hill is Jeju accommodation you WANT to stay at


***Please find our accompanying blog post introducing Camellia Hill by clicking on this link.***

On relatively flat land for Jeju Island and with South Korea’s highest mountain, Halla Mountain, as a screen in the background, you’ll discover Camellia Hill is wonderful place to stay.

As the name suggests, it is a garden full of camellia flowers with wide ocean views as well.

Here three wooden cabin holiday homes await their guests.


The first two wooden cabins are known as mokjobyeoljang and are made with yellow pine tree. From the morning breakfast table you can appreciate sunrise. From the bedroom you can appreciate sunset.

To the west lie Jeju landmarks like Sanbangsan and Dansan. In the far distance is the outline of Marado, South Korea’s southern-most island.

On a clear day after rain the scenery is stunning.

The cabins are 35 pyeong in size. During the off-season Monday to Thursday the price is 250,000 won per night. For the weekend you’ll pay a little more at 300,000 won. Then during the weekend and high-season (July 15 though to August 25 including national holidays) expect to pay 350,000 won per night.

Staying in the bigger 45 pyeong cabin known as style house you’ll have to add 50,000 to the prices above.


However, if you join the Camellia Hill membership program a 50,000 won discount can be applied.

Below is a traditional hay house called chogajip in Korean. The owner of Camellia Hill stays here and brought the house from his hometown on the mainland.


This building houses a meditation room where you can sit in silence, forget about stress, and relax your mind.


Around the accommodation there are also many walking courses. Try out the Camellia Walk, Europe Camellia Walk, Honggasinamu Walk and Hubaknamu Walk. There’s also another path dedicated to various wild flowers.


Nearby Camellia Hill are twin oreums to explore called Daebyeonak and Sobyeongak. There are routes to the top which make good places to see an island sunset.

This building houses a cafe and gallery. Stop to smell the camellia tea or even have a cup yourself.


Get camellia oil which is made from fruit grown here. It is good for cancer treatment.

Korean camellias bloom in winter yet as there are many from around the world you can see blooming flowers from September all the way to April.

Camellia Hill is bigger than you think. Even more so if you take the time to sit under the 100-year-old bead tree surrounded by a flat grass field. You can see it on the right hand side in the middle distance in the photo below.


A wonderful, relaxing, and comfortable afternoon awaits even if you choose not to stay at Camellia Hill.


Address: Seogwipo-si, Akdeok-myeon, Sangchang-ri, 271

Telephone: 064-792-0098

Web Site: http://www.camelliahill.co.kr

General Admission: 7,000 won for adults, 5,000 won for youth, and 4,000 won for children.


Find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jejutr

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