[Jeju Trekking] Jeju Olle Trail Route 1 – Exploring the start in Siheung-ri, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si

There are now 21 main Olle routes linked together creating a walking path that totals over 400 kilometers in length around Jeju Island.

That doesn’t even include the four extra routes which have been added as well.

Originally Olle, which is Jeju dialect, represented the small unpaved paths leading from someone’s home to the main road.

They were not for touring.

But when ex-journalist Suh Myeong-suk returned to the island after walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain she incorporated Olle into her idea for making Jeju Olle Trail.

Since the Korean variety program 1 Night and 2 Days came for Olle travel the routes became more popular.

Thus I shall get started at the start and introduce Route 1.

The beginning point is at Siheung-ri in Seongsan-eup, Soegwipo-si and eventually stretches some 15.6 kilometers to the Gwanchigi Coast.

Park your car near Shiheung-ri Elementary School.

Then after 10 minutes or so of walking you’ll come to Malmi Oreum, the first of three oreums on this route.


Below is a picture of the path. Thanks to this you can climb quite easily even in rainy or snowy weather.


Malmi Oreum is also called Dusanbong.

When you are at the summit you can see Sunrise Peak which could be your last oreum climb for the day.

The surrounding view is breathtaking.


Route 1 really does allow you to take in oreums, the ocean, and large fields.

You can also see Udo in the distance, the home of Route 1-1.


In another direction is Jimibong at the end of Route 21. A few weeks away if you decided to hike all the Olle routes.


I keep saying three oreums, but I’ve only introduced two so far (Malmi Oreum  and Sunrise Peak).

The one in the middle of those is called Al Oreum which actually sits inside Malmi Oreum creating a natural geological egg yolk. Al is egg in Korean.

You can see horses and cows so watch out under your feet too.


Al Oreum is geologically important as it was made during an underwater eruption. It is older than the center of Halla Mountain, erupting when the coastal area was formed.



So that is a primer on the start of Jeju Olle Trail Route 1 for you.


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