[Jeju Tourism News] Congratulations! Jeju Island passes the 2 million foreign tourist mark for 2013!


People who were at Jeju International Airport this morning might be curious as to what all the commotion was about.

Well that commotion was a welcoming event for Jeju’s 2 millionth foreign tourist of the year.

Governor Woo Gun-min was on hand along with Culture and Tourism Committee Member, An Dong-wu, and top Jeju tourism chief, Kim Yeong-jin.

Statistics up until October 13, 2013 indicate a 46.4% increase from last year on the amount of foreign tourists visiting the island.

Then earlier today on October 15, the 2 million barrier was broken.

So who was that lucky 2 millionth person?


Xu Kun Biao from China.

We wish you good memories from this day.


Jeju Island is now becoming well known internationally thanks to its UNESCO Triple Crown designation and New7Wonders win as well as broadcasting companies like CNN showing interest.

Back in 2010 a Chinese newspaper, Hwangusibo, picked Jeju as one of the top three islands to visit that year.


Cruise tourism has also seen a huge increase with 36 stops and 30,000 passengers in 2009. By 2013 that had increased to 170 stops and 350,000 passengers.

The increasing number of foreign tourists is thanks to the hard work of the 10 overseas tourism offices maintained by different departments. Their promotion and marketing effort has paid off. Now they will work even harder for 3 million to 4 million and even 10 million visitors.



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