[Jeju Trekking] Jeju Olle Trail Route 2


The start point for Jeju Olle Trail Route 2 is Seongsan’s Gwangchigi Beach. You’ll pass Goseong-ri, Daesusanbong, and Honinji along the 15 kilometers to the end point at Onpyeong-ri.


Detailed information is available on the Jeju Olle homepage (http://www.jejuolle.org/), but I’ll take the time to introduce my experience during this blog post.

After leaving the start point at Gwanchigi you go towards Siksanbong and around a large body of sheltered water popular with people who want to catch seashells.



Continue on to pass through Ojo-ri which derives its name from being the first village to have the sun hit it after Seongsan Sunrise Peak.

Then you’ll come to Goseong-ri. Its name comes from the meaning ‘old fortress’. Here during the Joseon dynasty King Taejong built a fortress to protect the area against maurauding Japanese invaders. The story goes the Japanese came so many times and detroyed the fortress that Goseong-ri also became known as Goeseong-ri. Notice the slight spelling difference. ‘Old fortress’ changes to ‘destroyed fortress’ in Korean.

At the top of Daesusanbong there is a fire watching hut.


You’ll now move among fields of radish.



On the day I walked a lot of rain came down as you can see from the photographs.

However, I kept on following the ribbons to arrive at Honinji. It is said the three gods, Go, Yang, and Bu from Jeju City’s Samsonghyeol found the three princesses of Byeokrangguk at this location.



It is in the box calves and baby horses lept out along with the seeds of five crops. Agriculture thus started on Jeju Island.

The pond is said to be the place the marriage ceremonies occurred.


The nearby road, Hwangrual, also had their footprints.


Soon you’ll arrive at Onpyeong Port, which is the end of Route 2.




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