[Jeju Competition] Paragliding competition is ready to start flying (2013)

I already explained about the forthcoming paragliding festival hosted by the Jeju Tourism Organization back in early October with a previous post. Yet now there are only a few days left before it starts this Saturday, November 9, until the following day on Sunday, November 10.

10 a.m. is also the schedule start time.

Around 150 paraglides are expected to be taking part at the summit of Wolrangbong and enjoying Jeju’s autumn from the sky.

Here is the competition poster again. Check out the schedule so you know the exact details.

레이아웃 1

This is a different oreum located in Hallim-eup known as Gum Oreum. It is an ideal spot for paragliding as you can also drive your equipment to the top.


Can you see Jeju’s autumn sky?


I’d like to try paragliding as well because I do wonder what Jeju’s view is like from the sky.


Here the paragliding takes place with the instructor.



Now we move on to Miaksan which is another prime location.


Can you see the small island far away? That is Munseom. Yet if the weather allows you can see Seopseom, Munseom, and Beomseom.


It’s interesting to see other islands from the island of Jeju.

In Korea we have an expression for autumn. We say chongomabiui gyecheol. This means the season when the sky appears bigger while the horses fill up their bellies and get fatter. You can view horses grazing leisurely in their fields at this time of year.

2013-11-04 15;56;55


The picture of the kid and horse together in nature looks beautiful.


Competition Schedule

Competition Categories: Accuracy (solo or tandem)

Date: Saturday, November 9 – Sunday, November 10

Location: Wolrangbong (will be moved if weather is bad)

Host: Jeju Tourism Organization

Supervisors: Jeju Tourism Organization, Korea Council of Sport for All, Jeju Paragliding Association

Participation Fee: 20,000 won (participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety)

Participation Benefits:  Giveaway event including prizes such as Jeju Tourism Organization Duty Free Shop voucher, free stay voucher for a 5-star hotel on Jeju, paragliding supplies, complimentary tickets for Jeju tourist attractions

Contact Information: For inquiries please contact Mr. Cha Woo-jin (Secretary General, Jeju Paragliding Association) on +82-10-7727-9418


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