[Jeju Hiking] Jeju Olle Trail Route 4 – 22.9 km from Pyoseon-ri to Namwon-ri, Seogwipo


Route 4 is the longest of all of the routes Jeju Olle has to offer. It stretches from Pyoseon Beach all the way to Namwon Port. Half of the route takes in the coast while the other half heads to the interior of the island.

It was lovely to have a nice day for a walk as the weather has been quite unsettled for some time.

One of the first things you will meet after starting is a park with 12 animal statues representing the Chinese zodiac.


After the Jeju Folk Village Museum the Haevichi Hotel is next.

If you continue to follow the route through Sewha-2-ri (a different Sewha from that on the northern coast) you’ll discover the Gama-ri section which has many haenyo (women divers) around to see. You’ll even pass right next to their changing rooms with equipment hanging up to dry.


The next bit of Route 4 was constructed by the marine corp and is thus named after them. You’ll find it between Goneungae coastal road and Shineville Luxury Resort.


This is Shineville Luxury Resort. The route goes right through it so be sure to check the waymarkers carefully. Don’t get lost.


After Yongcheon the coastal section finishes. Now the walk moves inland towards Tosan-ri.

In Tosan-ri you can climb Mang Oreum (Tosanbong), yet the view is somewhat obstructed by trees at the fringes of the summit as seen in the picture below.


With the oreum completed Yeongcheon Temple appears.


Next comes Sinheug-ri and Taeheung-ri with small quiet farm roads to experience.

Go over the small Samseok Bridge then cross near the Taeheung Bridge back on the coast.


Follow all the way to the start of Route 5 at Namwon Port.



For more information please visit the Jeju Olle home page which has English, Chinese, and Japanese language options (http://www.jejuolle.org/).




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